Doing Business In Brazil

Brazil is Latin America’s biggest economy.

Covering 3,290,000 square miles, spanning nearly 5,000 miles of coastline and sharing a border with 10 other countries, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world. Its 202 million inhabitants make Brazil the world’s sixth most populous nation. It is also the planet’s seventh largest economy, with GDP reaching US$ 2.3 trillion in 2013, spurred by 2.5% growth that year. By 2020, Brazil is projected to take fifth place among the world’s top consumer markets, ahead of France and the United Kingdom.

Doing business in Brazil requires in-depth knowledge of the local setting, as well as the direct and indirect costs involved. These costs are often related to distribution, government procedures, employee benefits, environmental laws, and its complex tax framework. Logistics poses a special challenge, given that the country’s infrastructure has not kept pace with nearly a decade of economic expansion.

Brazil’s infrastructure sector is expected to enjoy an estimated US$ 800 billion in investments between 2013 and 2017. Investments will be distributed among the energy and infrastructure sectors, with the lion’s share earmarked for infrastructure development – roads, railways, ports and airports.

Brazil’s construction industry is flourishing, and it has drawn global attention for the construction boom in its major cities for the 2014 World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics.

Other promising areas for Canadian exports and investment include, beverage & food, agricultural equipment, safety & security systems, digital solutions, games & apps, mobile healthcare and retail services. Success within Brazil’s business culture relies heavily on the development of strong personal relationships, which are key to forming productive business partnerships. In most cases, foreign firms need a local presence, so they must invest time to develop relationships through frequent visits to Brazil.

Our knowledge of Brazilian marketing and our solid ties with industries and companies in this region allow us to provide E-commerce, marketing, logistics & distribution and communication strategies to foreign companies and start-ups looking to do business in Brazil.